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What is Solar Thermal Heating?

Solar Thermal Heating is the process of collecting and using the sun's energy to heat water. This hot water is used to heat a building (space heating), to provide hot water (domestic hot water) and for pool and hot tub heating.

Ideal for residential, solar is perfect for business or industry requiring large volumes of hot water such as car washes, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing facilities and recreational facilities.

Why Use a Solar Heating System?

  • Reduce your heating costs by 70% or more
  • Reduce carbon emissions, a 3000 sq ft house eliminated 6000 tonnes/year
  • Solar energy is free and reliable, even in our northern climate

What is Different About Our System?

Price: Our price per square foot is almost half that of other solar thermal systems. If you are thinking Geothermal, our system normally costs 30% less.

Size: More collector = more hot water. One-piece solar collectors up to 1000 sq ft plus a large storage system result in days of heating, not just hours. This large system can provide not just domestic hot water but space heating as well.

Technology: Our system combines a solar collector and a very small (1500 watts) heat pump to dramatically improve performance during the winter months.